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Gram Digital Saksharata Abhiyan


With the digital revolution taking the world by storm, it's only natural that school authorities start thinking about integrating technology into the classroom. In order to help schools in its target area in training rural students and thereby making them beneficiaries of both the knowledge explosion and the communications bonanza,RDPI launched a Computer Literacy Campaign with the help of Ford Foundation in 2019, The first step in the process of technology integration is teachers’ education. Children spend countless hours attached to some form of technology, and until teachers have the same understanding of technology available and how they can use it to open new and exciting educational vistas for students, they are missing valuable opportunities to reach their students.

At that time, the State Government had developed a three years curriculum in computer education for the students 1St to 12th standard. Many schools in the target area raised resources for installing computer labs for the training their students. However, it was discovering that teachers were deficient in the skill and knowledge to handle the said syllabus effectively. Resultantly the computers in the schools labs became useless. The schools were not in a position to install Internet connection that should complement the purpose of computer education.

The RDPI undertook a study of the above situation and developed a project proposal. The project was aimed at strengthening the school computer laboratories, guiding and training the potential school teachers to implement the government curriculum for the students of 1st to 12th standard in selected schools in the two districts mentioned above. The title of the project was “Computer Literacy Campaign”. The Ford Foundation, USA, appreciated the project and gave financial support for the same. The project was implemented over a period of three and half years. Though RDPI kicked off the campaign in April’2019, it gained full steam only in September 2019. The equipment components of the campaign project, which was to come from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) Fund of Amravati/Akola took a few months. The process of identifying the target schools and the instructors also took some time. Hence the campaign period got extended up to to 31 March 2023. MSVS thus implemented the Computer Literacy Campaign of Ford Foundation (USA) from 1st April’ 2019 to 31 March 2023


Two costal districts of the State of Maharashtra namely Amravati and Akola were selected for the campaign. In all schools from All talukas (blocks) of Amravati & Akola

Under this project, every school was provided with ten computers,Two printer, Six web Camera, One Projector 30 Chairs to strengthen their computer laboratories. Along with it, an instructor was appointed in each of the targeted schools for imparting training to the students and run the campaign. They were given an introductory training, curriculum training and training for imbibing the habit of using Internet among their students. Each of these selected schools was provided with electricity stabilizer so as to get expected efficiency from the computer laboratories. They were also given separate telephone connections for Internet connectivity.


The aim of the campaign was:

  • To make students of Std. I to XII computer literate and to train them so that they are ready to use the Information Technology to their advantage
  • To teach rural students how to use Internet and other IT enabled services in order to bring the vast knowledge to their doorstep
  • To encourage use of Internet for communication between students, parent and teachers of different schools
  • Establish computer as community resources.

The syllabus selected was approved by Education Ministry, Govt. of Maharashtra. For the campaign RDPI made agreements with the schools authorities where in they agreed to provide three to four instructions periods (35 minutes each) per day for computer training to their students, and also allowed to have computer practice before & after school hours, under their own responsibility. The schools agreed to provide necessary infrastructure including the electricity.

Activities Taken Under the project

  • Paint, WordPad, Calculator, MS Word, Excel, Power Point, practices basis of textbook.
  • Typing exercises in Marathi and English, competition of typing speed. Impact of this is 20-22 students learned typing and performed as WPM.
  • Competition of drawing with paint brush program
  • Chart making competition on information about computers
  • Quest competition on general knowledge
  • Marathi typing
  • English essay and letter type in computer

School students were periodically evaluated to gauge progress.